A good photograph is knowing where to stand - Ansel Adams

Solar Calculator 2.2

The Solar Calculator is a Google Maps application that allows photographers (or anyone else for that matter) to predict the position of the sun at any location, and at any date and time. Also plotted on the map are the approximate positions of the sun at both sunrise and sunset, so there is no excuse for missing that perfect 'golden hour' shot because the sun is in the 'wrong' position. Unlike many applications of this type, the interface is simple to use and can be operated without an advanced degree in astronomy!

If you happen to receive incorrect information from the map, please report it to me so that the error can be corrected.

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Location Database & Map

The location database is a detailed database and map of potential UK photographic locations. It contains the latitude and longitude of the majority of Castles, Lighthouses, Piers, Towers, World Heritage Sites, Ancient Monuments, Windmills, Bridges, Waterfalls, Lakes, Tarns, Lochs (and Loughs) in the UK and Ireland. This isn't to say it's completely comprehensive (yet) though, and so I'm adding more all the time!

Use the quick search box to jump to your desired area. You can also use the maps controls to zoom into an area of the map you wish to view in more detail, and click one of the map icons to get more information about that locations.

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Photogate Control Software

Photogate Control is the companion software to a tutorial on water drop photography which ran in May 2011. The software allows you to control the Photogate Trigger, which is an Arduino-based flash control and timer circuit designed to assist in high-speed photography.

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Please feel free to email me at: questions@iesmith.net if you have any questions...