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Water Drops (Part 1) Print
Sunday, 20 February 2011 00:00

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Water Drops (1)

In May of 2009, I successfully submitted a portfolio of ten images for an LRPS distinction. In an attempt to show the panel I wasn't a landscape photography 'one trick pony', I included two of the perhaps three genuinely successful 'studio' photographs I'd taken at that point. They were reasonably well received, and the judging panel commented that it was nice to see I "stayed indoors, from time to time."

I have to admit, the judges had a point. I love the outdoors, and so it's natural that my photography leans heavily towards landscapes. I've often wished I was more accomplished at studio photography however, if for no better reason than having the ability to occationally distance myself from the fickle British weather. It's ironic then, that a project that began as a way to stay dry during a British summer should involve me getting as quite as wet as I have photographing my chosen subject for this little project: water drops.



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