A good photograph is knowing where to stand - Ansel Adams

  • The Ansel Adams Gallery. One of the most influential photographers ever, Adams is most famous for his black and white work featuring the American west.
  • The Marsden Archive. UK photographer Simon Marsden. Specialising in infrared photography, Simon produces some of the most atmospheric photography you're ever likely to see.
  • Frank Hurley. You'll never complain about cold, early morning starts on photography trips again once you know what the official photographer of the 1914 Ernest Shackleton Antarctic expedition went through to get his shots.
  • Robert Capa. Unforgettable photography from a very dark period of human history.

  • Paul Sutton. Quality landscape photography and fine art prints from fellow North West based photographer, Paul Sutton.

Photography Resources
  • Strobist. About the best resource for learning how to use artificial light there is. There's an emphasis on budget that's especially appealing!

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Many of the photographs on this site are available as high quality Giclée or Lambda prints. Prints can be supplied on a variety of medium and in a variety of sizes. Contact me at: contactme@iesmith.net.