A good photograph is knowing where to stand - Ansel Adams

Live Music

As a landscape photographer, live music is a currently bit of an experiment for me; but who can turn down an opportunity to get into a gig for free?

For the moment, in an attempt to bulk up my live music portfolio, I'm happy to shoot up and coming bands for the cost of my expenses. If you're interest in commisioning me to cover a live performance, please contact me at the link to your right.

Riot City, Mojo (4). Local band, Riot City during a small gig at Mojo, on Back Seel Street in Liverpool. More details on the band are available on their MySpace page, This is Riot City.

Contact Me

Many of the photographs on this site are available as high quality Giclée or Lambda prints. Prints can be supplied on a variety of medium and in a variety of sizes. Contact me at: contactme@iesmith.net.