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Solar Calculator 2.2
Tuesday, 17 January 2012 00:00

I'm very pleased to announce that version 2.2 of the popular Solar Calculator is now complete, and is available for use right now under the Tools menu.

The new Solar Calculator has a whole host of new features. First and probably foremost, it is now able to calculate lunar (Moon) positions, as well as the Sun. To help you plot Sun & Moon positions with a compass, now also included is automatic detection of local magnetic declination, with the ability to account for it in the reported bearings. It even gives you a list of helpful links to third-party sites such as weather reports and tidal predictions for the area you're currently viewing.

From feedback recieved, one of the least favourite 'features' of the old Solar Calculator was the necessity of entering in the Time Zone (including whether or not DST was in effect) manually for each new location. This is now handled automatically for each location.

Last but not certainly least, accuracy has been improved massively. I had reports of the old Solar Calculator getting it wrongfrom time to time, especially in more Northern latitudes. It's new VSOP87-based algorithms have held up extremely well under testing, with a level of accuracy an order of magnitude about the previous version.

By request, a Frequently Asked Questions page is now available should you have any questions, or as ever, feel free to email me.